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Taste of Inspirations

Telling a Visual Story Across an Entire Product Line

Photography by Jonathan Gayman, Dave Casper, Michelle Havens,
and Amy Schromm

Developing A Visual Concept

Clients come to We Are Alexander Studios for beautiful photography that tells their story and realizes their creative vision. Sometimes, our clients know exactly what they want, and we collaborate with their creative team — they drive the style, and we solve the visual equations needed to make the photographs that express their vision. Other times, our clients look to us to develop the visual concept — our team works closely with the client to develop that strong visual concept and style.

Taste of Inspirations

In 2017, Ahold/Delhaize came to We Are Alexander with little more than an idea and a single stock image for placement (FPO) for a new product line. They asked us to develop a visual concept for a series of sauce packaging shots. From that single, client provided FPO image we designed sets and provided recipes for eight pasta sauces. We started shooting a portfolio of work, beginning with six pizza photographs to illustrate the concept. Our client was thrilled with the portfolio of images we created!

Taste of Inspirations

Building A Consistent Product Line

Once the initial concept was approved, our job was to execute and expand the photography to encompass the entire product line over multiple photoshoots and multiple photographers here at the studio. Our experience in line extensions and our creative expertise allowed us to run with the concept and make photographs that represent the overall look. We were able to overcome the challenges of making that single concept work with many different types and sizes of packaging, including salad dressings, frozen desserts, dips, chocolates, and pastries.

Taste of Inspirations

Because of our trusted relationship with Ahold/Delhaize and the success of our initial concept work, Taste of Inspirations has grown to more than 80+ SKUs across multiple categories and we continue to shoot this line today!

The TOI project allowed Alexander & Ahold/Delhaize to work collaboratively to produce a library of images from a single inspirational source.