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We Are More Than Just a Studio

Alexandre Dumas
Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander The Great

Photography is just one of a wide range of services We Are Alexander offers. Together, our agency creates an authentic integration of our clients’ brand and marketing needs. This includes Strategic Brand Planning, Creative Development, Experiential Marketing, Premedia, Color Management, and Asset Management. Take a look at everything we do to help our clients’ brands create powerful solutions and sustainable success.

So What’s up with the Alexanders?

The inspiration for our name comes from three Alexanders who have made an everlasting impact on the world.

Alexandre Dumas

The first is ALEXANDRE DUMAS, a French writer of many plays and novels, arguably the most famous of which is The Three Musketeers. Written in 1844, this novel has been translated into nearly 100 languages and has been adapted dozens, maybe hundreds of times for a variety of mediums, including film, television, the stage, and even video games.

This Alexandre reminds us that unbridled creativity can erase borders and transcend time.

Alexander Graham Bell

Next, we laud ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL, famously credited with inventing the telephone, and in doing so, connecting the world. He had the audacity to dream a dream many couldn’t even understand.

This Alexander reminds us how innovation can change the world when dreams and persistence collide.

Alexander The Great

Finally, there is ALEXANDER THE GREAT. By all accounts, this Alexander epitomized what it means to be a successful leader. Inheriting the Macedonian throne at only 20, he would spend the next five years amassing the titles of Pharaoh of Egypt, King of Persia, and Lord of Asia, and retain each until his death.

This Alexander reminds us of how success becomes a certainty when strategic leadership is paired with an unwavering will.

WE ARE ALEXANDER was inspired by the collected wisdom in these three lessons.